Sans Simulator

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Sans Simulator - An Epic Tribute to the Final Battle of Undertale

Sans Simulator is a fan-made, free battle game that offers a heartfelt tribute to the immensely popular Undertale title. This game provides players with the unique opportunity to step into the role of Sans, one of Undertale's beloved characters, and engage in the unforgettable last battle. It's a challenging, skill-based experience that allows fans to relive the thrilling showdown and test their mettle.


  • Battle as Sans: Assume the persona of Sans, the witty and enigmatic skeleton, for the iconic final battle of Undertale. This intense encounter is known for its strategic gameplay, requiring precise timing and quick reflexes to overcome your opponent.


  1. Homage to Undertale: Sans Simulator faithfully captures the essence of Undertale, providing an immersive experience that evokes the spirit of the original game.
  2. Strategic Depth: Engage in a battle system that demands strategy and skill. Master the timing of your attacks and defenses to emerge victorious.
  3. Nostalgic Journey: Revisit the memorable and pivotal final battle of Undertale, immersing yourself in the world of this beloved game.

Sans Simulator is a labor of love from fans of the Undertale series, offering a chance to relive the epic final battle and challenge your abilities as Sans. Can you rise to the occasion and conquer this thrilling, strategic showdown? Take a trip down memory lane and experience the magic of Undertale in this fan-made game while testing your gaming skills to the max!


Use mouse


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