The Man from the Window

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The Man from the Window - A Unique Survival Horror Roleplaying Game

The Man from the Window is an exceptional and free survival horror roleplaying game, meticulously crafted to provide PC gamers with a distinctive fusion of storytelling elements, a rich narrative, and an immersive gameplay experience. This game invites you to step into a world filled with terror, mystery, and moral choices, where every decision you make influences the outcome of your harrowing journey.


  • Survival Horror Roleplaying: Immerse yourself in a world of survival horror where your survival hinges on your ingenuity, resourcefulness, and the choices you make. Traverse through dimly lit and eerie environments, all while confronting a cast of unsettling adversaries.
  • Intriguing Storytelling: The Man from the Window is centered around a captivating narrative that keeps you engrossed throughout your adventure. Uncover the dark secrets concealed within the game's world, and make choices that mold the narrative's progression, leading to multiple outcomes.


  1. Atmosphere of Dread: The Man from the Window wraps you in a chilling and immersive atmosphere, where every shadow, every creak, and every sound adds to the palpable sense of suspense.
  2. Character Development: Roleplay as a character thrust into dire circumstances, and make choices that reflect your character's personality and morality.
  3. Dynamic Storytelling: The game's narrative is designed to dynamically respond to your choices, ensuring that the decisions you make carry significant weight and influence the direction of the story.

The Man from the Window is a brilliant amalgamation of survival horror and roleplaying, offering a pulse-pounding and suspenseful gaming experience. Will you navigate this dark and treacherous world, confront your deepest fears, and unveil the game's well-guarded secrets? The choices you make will determine your fate in this unforgettable and morally challenging adventure.


Use mouse


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