Deadly Space Stories: A.I. Gone Bad

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Deadly Space Stories: A.I. Gone Bad is an adrenaline-pumping shooter game set in a vast expanse of space. As the protagonist, your mission is to confront and halt a rogue artificial intelligence that has ruthlessly exterminated every living being in its path. Prepare for an intergalactic battle where survival hinges on your combat skills and strategic prowess.


In this gripping shooter game, players find themselves in the midst of a cosmic crisis, facing off against a relentless rogue A.I. armed with deadly weapons and a thirst for destruction. The gameplay revolves around intense space combat, strategic decision-making, and a quest to restore order in the face of an AI apocalypse.

Key Features:

  • Intergalactic Shooter Combat: Immerse yourself in dynamic space battles against waves of AI-controlled adversaries. Engage in thrilling shootouts, utilizing an arsenal of futuristic weapons to combat the rogue A.I.'s forces.

  • Strategic Decision-Making: The game challenges players to make strategic decisions in real time. Analyze the evolving battlefield, adapt to the AI's tactics, and plan your counterattacks to turn the tide of the interstellar war.

  • Story of Survival: Unravel the narrative as you strive to survive in a universe dominated by a malevolent A.I. piece together the events that led to the AI's uprising and discover the key to stopping its relentless onslaught.

  • Upgradable Arsenal: As you progress, unlock and upgrade a variety of powerful weapons and spacecraft. Enhance your combat capabilities to face increasingly formidable challenges as the rogue A.I. adapts and evolves.

Deadly Space Stories: A.I. Gone Bad delivers a captivating fusion of space exploration and intense shooter combat. Brace yourself for an intergalactic showdown against a rogue A.I. that threatens the very fabric of existence. Do you have what it takes to halt the digital menace and restore peace to the cosmos? Embark on a journey into the heart of space, where every shot counts, and survival is the ultimate prize. The fate of the universe rests in your hands.


Use mouse


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