House of Celestina: Chapter Two

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House of Celestina: Chapter Two - A Descent into Horror Survival

House of Celestina: Chapter Two invites players into a relentless horror survival game, continuing the eerie narrative set in a mysterious house. As the protagonist, your mission is clear: navigate the haunted halls, confront malevolent forces, and save all of your friends trapped within the ominous confines of Celestina's dwelling.


In this chilling chapter, players find themselves thrust into a nightmarish struggle for survival within the enigmatic House of Celestina. The game blends horror and survival elements, demanding strategic decision-making and resourcefulness. As you navigate through the haunted corridors, the malevolent forces within the house intensify, presenting a relentless challenge to your wits and courage.

Key Features:

  • Continuation of Mystery: House of Celestina: Chapter Two picks up the narrative thread, unraveling the mysteries that shroud the house and its malevolent inhabitants. The story deepens, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and dread.

  • Horror Survival Dynamics: Survive the night by confronting the supernatural entities that lurk within the house. Utilize your surroundings wisely, solve puzzles, and outsmart the horrors that stand between you and the salvation of your friends.

  • Task-Oriented Gameplay: Your objective is clear - save all of your friends. Each task is a puzzle, and every room holds secrets that must be unveiled to progress. The game challenges your ability to think under pressure and make decisions that impact the fates of those you seek to rescue.

  • Immersive Haunting Atmosphere: The house is a character in itself, its haunting atmosphere intensified by the visual and auditory elements. Dynamic lighting, chilling soundscapes, and detailed environments contribute to an immersive experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

House of Celestina: Chapter Two is not just a game; it's a descent into horror survival, a continuation of a narrative that beckons players to explore the darkest corners of a mysterious house. Will you navigate the haunted halls, face the malevolent forces, and save your friends, or will the House of Celestina claim yet more victims? The answers await in the shadows, where fear and survival intertwine in a nightmarish symphony.


Use mouse


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