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Welcome to HELLFAIR, where the line between routine demolition work and supernatural horror blurs into a nightmare you can't escape. In this chilling game, you assume the role of a handyman tasked with dismantling an abandoned theme park, but what starts as a mundane job quickly spirals into a descent into darkness.

Your main objective is to ensure the heavy machinery stays operational as you tear down the dilapidated attractions. However, the desolate fairground holds sinister secrets that refuse to stay buried.

As you explore the decaying rides and eerie surroundings, you encounter a malevolent clown who seems to be orchestrating the chaos from the shadows. With each passing moment, the tension mounts as you uncover the horrifying truth behind the park's haunting.

HELLFAIR seamlessly blends elements of horror and suspense, immersing players in a world fraught with danger and uncertainty. Confront your deepest fears as you navigate the twisted corridors of the fairground, battling against forces beyond comprehension.

Prepare yourself for a harrowing journey into the heart of darkness, where every step could lead to salvation or damnation. Will you uncover the truth behind the sinister clown's machinations, or will you become another victim of the nightmarish realm that is HELLFAIR? The choice is yours, but be warned—nothing is as it seems in this forsaken place.


Use mouse