Friday Night Funkin: Walten Files (Week 2 Update)

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Introducing Friday Night Funkin: Walten Files (Week 2 Update):

Get ready for a spine-chilling musical journey with the latest update of Friday Night Funkin: Walten Files! Following the success of the first week, Week 2 introduces two new haunting tracks to test your rhythm and nerve against the horrific Walten. Dive into the darkness and defeat the sinister forces with the power of music!

What makes the game so well-received?

Friday Night Funkin: Walten Files continues to captivate players with its unique blend of horror and rhythm gameplay. Fans of the Walten Files series are thrilled to see their favorite characters brought to life in this musical showdown, while newcomers are drawn in by the gripping storyline and catchy tunes. The addition of new songs and challenges keeps players engaged and coming back for more, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience.

Detailed instructions to play:

  1. Choose your mode: Select either Story Mode or Free Play Mode from the main menu.
  2. Master the tracks: Navigate through Week 1 and Week 2, each featuring a set of songs to conquer.
  3. Hit the notes: Watch for arrow symbols above the Boyfriend's head and press the corresponding keys on the keyboard in time with the music.
  4. Maintain accuracy: Be careful not to press the keys at the wrong time or hit the wrong key, as too many mistakes in a row will result in a game over.
  5. Face the Walten: Prepare to confront the horrifying Walten with the power of your musical prowess. Each song presents a new challenge as you battle to emerge victorious.
  6. Stay focused: Keep your concentration sharp and your reflexes quick as you navigate through the intense rhythms and beats of the songs.
  7. Achieve victory: With determination and skill, reach the end of each song to defeat the Walten and emerge triumphant.

Friday Night Funkin: Walten Files (Week 2 Update) offers an exhilarating continuation of the musical horror saga, challenging players to test their skills against the dreaded Walten with two new thrilling tracks. With its captivating gameplay and haunting atmosphere, this update promises hours of entertainment for fans of the series and newcomers alike. Are you ready to face the darkness and emerge victorious with the power of music? Dive in and conquer the Walten Files once and for all!


Use mouse


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