FNF Join the Band, But Everyone Sing it

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Join the Band, But Everyone Sings It marks the exhilarating fusion of two beloved gaming categories: rhythm games and FNAF. In this latest crossover extravaganza, players are in for a musical treat as they join forces with multiple animatronics and cameo characters to rock out to an awesome song.

If you're new to the action-packed world of FNF, fear not! Here's how to jump right into the excitement:

  1. Keep your eyes peeled for arrow symbols that float and match on the top right side of the screen. These symbols indicate when it's time to hit your notes.

  2. When the arrows align, it's your cue to strike! Press the corresponding arrow keys on your keyboard to hit your notes in perfect harmony with the music.

  3. Stay in the groove and keep hitting those notes until the song reaches its epic conclusion. Victory awaits those who can keep up with the rhythm and hit every beat.

But beware, dear player, for the path to victory is fraught with peril. Missing your notes too many times in a row will deplete your health bar, bringing you one step closer to defeat.

If you can maintain your composure, hit every note with precision, and reach the end of the song, triumph shall be yours! However, let your guard down, and the sweet sound of victory may slip through your fingers.

So, without further ado, let the music guide you, join the band and embark on a rhythmic adventure like no other. And don't forget to spread the word to your friends about our awesome games! The more, the merrier in this epic crossover celebration. Let the music play and the good times roll!


Use mouse


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