Fear Assessment

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Unveil Your Fears: Fear Assessment - A Point-and-Click Horror Experience

Prepare to confront your deepest fears in Fear Assessment, a point-and-click horror game that immerses you in a mysterious experiment designed to unearth the darkest corners of your psyche. With a set of unique rules and atmospheric gameplay, this unnerving experience promises to delve into the realms of terror.

How to Play:

  1. Open All Doors: Leave all doors near you wide open, as the game invites you to enter an environment where fear thrives in the shadows.

  2. Play Alone: Brace yourself for a solitary experience. To truly immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere, play the game in solitude, allowing the eerie ambiance to heighten your sense of vulnerability.

  3. Turn Off the Lights: Plunge into the depths of darkness by turning off the lights. As shadows dance and unknown horrors lurk, this rule intensifies the suspense and sets the stage for a true horror encounter.

  4. Follow the Game Instructions: Navigate through the game as it unfolds its mysterious narrative. Follow the instructions provided within the game to progress, uncover secrets, and confront the fears that lie in wait.


Embark on an unsettling journey within the realms of Fear Assessment, where a point-and-click horror experience awaits. As you follow the unique rules set for this experiment, prepare to face your deepest fears in an environment designed to challenge your senses. Immerse yourself in solitude, embrace the darkness, and navigate through the game's instructions for an atmospheric and chilling encounter. Good luck as you unravel the mysteries and confront the fears that await in Fear Assessment.


Use mouse


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