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Desperate Escape: Bootham Asylum Unleashed

Immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere of Bootham, a sinister asylum from the 19th century that has fallen into the hands of underground doctors with a twisted agenda. As a captive, you must swiftly navigate the eerie surroundings, escape the clutches of malevolent forces, and decode the mysteries that stand between you and survival.

How to Play:

Bootham thrusts players into a life-or-death situation, where underground doctors have turned the asylum into a nightmarish testing ground. The clock is ticking, and with surgery looming on the horizon, your only chance at survival is to escape the clutches of this haunting facility.

Your task is to decipher the cryptic codes that unlock doors standing between you and freedom. The pressure intensifies as ghosts from the asylum's dark history attempt to thwart your every move. Time is of the essence, with a mere 900 seconds until something ominous transpires.

Explore the haunted asylum, uncovering hidden batteries and interactive items scattered throughout the map. These items are crucial for extending the life of your flashlight, providing precious moments to search for the codes that will secure your escape. Be vigilant, for the path to freedom is shrouded in darkness, and the oppressive atmosphere adds to the urgency of your quest.


Embark on a desperate escape from the clutches of Bootham Asylum, where time is your enemy, and survival depends on your ability to unravel codes and navigate the ghostly challenges that await. With each passing second, the tension builds, and the race against time becomes increasingly perilous. Have fun, stay vigilant, and may luck be on your side as you strive to outsmart the malevolent forces that seek to keep you captive. Good luck!


Use mouse


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