Bear Haven

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Bear Haven is a spine-chilling horror game that thrusts players into a nightmarish scenario where survival is the ultimate goal. As a new part-time electrician at the ominous Bear Haven Motel, players find themselves facing a relentless and terrifying adversary: a nightmarish bear that prowls in the shadows.

In this atmospheric horror experience, players must navigate the motel's eerie surroundings, utilizing their skills and instincts to endure a night fraught with peril. As the electrician tasked with maintaining the motel's systems, each passing moment becomes a high-stakes challenge as the menacing bear closes in.

The game's narrative unfolds as players strive to uncover the mysteries behind the malevolent bear and the haunted history of Bear Haven Motel. The survival element heightens the tension, forcing players to make strategic decisions to outsmart their formidable foe and endure until morning.

With the ominous backdrop of Bear Haven Motel, players must use their wits to fix electrical issues while constantly being on guard against the relentless bear. The game's immersive horror elements, combined with a narrative that unfolds in the dark of night, create an intense and suspenseful gaming experience.

Surviving the night in Bear Haven is not only a test of skill but a journey into the heart of fear and the unknown. As players navigate the haunted motel, the gripping atmosphere and relentless pursuit of the bear make every moment a heart-pounding encounter. Bear Haven promises a thrilling horror adventure that will keep players on the edge of their seats as they strive to outlast the terror that lurks within the shadows.


use mouse


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