Animatronics Texting and Survival

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Night Terrors Unleashed: Animatronics Texting and Survival

Embark on a nightmarish adventure in Animatronics Texting and Survival, where you find yourself trapped in a pizza shop with malevolent animatronics. As you navigate the eerie environment, collect code fragments, respond to haunting texts, and strive to avoid the clutches of these living nightmares.

How to Play:

  1. Survive the Night: You are tasked with surviving the night in a once-abandoned pizza place, now rumored to be haunted by animatronics harboring the souls of deceased children. Gather your courage, explore the premises, and evade the clutches of vengeful spirits.

  2. Collect Code Fragments: Search for fragments of a mysterious code scattered throughout the pizza shop. These pieces may hold the key to unraveling the dark secrets that surround the haunted establishment.

  3. Answer Texts: Engage in chilling correspondence as you receive haunting texts from unknown entities. Your responses may influence the course of events, and choosing wisely is crucial for your survival.


For PC:

  • Move left: Press D
  • Move right: Press A
  • Interact with items: Press E
  • During dialogs and correspondence: Left-click the mouse (LKM) on the character's text or the selected answer option.

For Mobile:

  • Move left: Tap the left arrow icon
  • Move right: Tap the right arrow icon
  • Interact with items: Tap the interaction icon

Prepare for a night of terror in Animatronics Texting and Survival, where legends come to life, and animatronics roam with vengeful intent. Navigate the haunted pizza shop, piece together the mysterious code, and respond wisely to haunting texts to survive until morning. With controls tailored for both PC and mobile, face the horror that unfolds and uncover the truth behind the chilling urban legends. Have courage, stay alert, and good luck surviving the night of animatronic nightmares!


Use mouse


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