20 Minutes Till Dawn

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20 Minutes Till Dawn: Survive the Shadows in a Gripping Roguelike Ordeal

20 Minutes Till Dawn plunges players into an intense survival roguelike, where the encroaching shadows conceal relentless hordes of menacing creatures. In this heart-pounding experience, players face a race against time and darkness, battling not only the creatures lurking within but also the imminent threat of their own demise.

Key Features:

  • Gripping Survival Roguelike: The game unfolds as a nail-biting survival roguelike, where each playthrough introduces new challenges, ensuring that no two experiences are alike. Adaptability and quick thinking are essential for survival.

  • Shadowy Menace: The shadows harbor an endless horde of menacing creatures, each more formidable than the last. As players progress through the game, the stakes rise, and the shadows become an ever-present threat that intensifies the sense of impending doom.

  • Race Against Time: With only 20 minutes until dawn, players must navigate the treacherous environment, confront creatures, and uncover the secrets concealed in the shadows—all while managing the ticking clock that relentlessly counts down to daylight.

  • Immersive Atmosphere: 20 Minutes Till Dawn masterfully crafts an immersive atmosphere, shrouded in darkness and tension. The game's design keeps players on the edge of their seats, heightening the sense of urgency and fear that permeates every moment.

In conclusion, 20 Minutes Till Dawn stands as a testament to survival gaming at its most intense. With menacing creatures concealed in the shadows, a relentless countdown to dawn, and the constant threat of the unknown, the game offers an immersive roguelike experience that challenges players to navigate the darkness and survive the impending dawn. Are you ready to face the shadows and endure the gripping ordeal of 20 Minutes Till Dawn? The clock is ticking.



Use mouse


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