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10-103: Descend into the Abyss - A Terrifying Spec Op Adventure

Prepare for a heart-pounding journey into the depths of horror with 10-103, a short and intense adventure game that casts you as a resilient Spec Op thrust into a nightmarish underground building resembling a dark hell. As Specter 8, you are tasked with navigating through the ominous Aegis Research Facility, tainted by an unknown and dangerous Class 4 or higher Unidentified Threat (UT). Your survival hinges on your ability to stay in constant radio contact with your operator, Morpho, as you confront the malevolent forces lurking within the shadows.

How to Play:

The storyline unfolds with a containment breach at the Aegis Research Facility, triggered by an enigmatic Class 4 or higher UT. As the situation escalates, the Special Response Team dispatches Specter 8 to address the crisis. Armed with your wits, weapons, and the critical support of Morpho, you must maneuver through the nightmarish underground building to contain the threat and unveil the mysteries that lie within.


  1. Left and Right arrows or A and D - Navigate through the ominous corridors and dark chambers as you explore the treacherous depths of the facility.
  2. Down or S - Utilize the elevator to descend into the unknown, each floor concealing new horrors and challenges.
  3. Tab - Stay in constant radio contact with Morpho, your lifeline in this abyss, to receive crucial updates, guidance, and information about the lurking dangers.
  4. Space - Engage in heart-stopping combat as you shoot your way through the malevolent entities that stand in your path.

Remember, your success relies on your ability to balance exploration, communication, and combat, as the relentless horrors of 10-103 will test your resolve at every turn.


As Specter 8, you are thrust into the heart of darkness, armed only with your skills and the guidance of Morpho. 10-103 promises a short but immersive horror adventure where every step brings you closer to the unknown horrors lurking in the shadows of the Aegis Research Facility. With atmospheric tension, unpredictable encounters, and the constant need to stay connected with Morpho, the game offers a gripping experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Prepare yourself for the descent into the abyss, face the terrors that await, and unravel the chilling mysteries within the underground confines of 10-103. Good luck, brave operative, for your journey into the dark heart of horror has just begun.


Use mouse

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