The Mannequin

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Mannequin: Where Shadows Hold Untold Horrors

Step into the unsettling silence of Mannequin, a chilling horror game that will test your courage. Inspired by unnerving classics like Amnesia and Silent Hill, Mannequin crafts an atmosphere thick with dread, where every creak of the floorboard and flicker of light sends shivers down your spine.

A Haunting Exploration Awaits

Mannequin casts you into the deserted halls of an abandoned house. Shadows stretch and twist, playing tricks on your mind. Unearth the secrets of this forgotten place as you delve deeper into its dusty chambers. But be warned, every corner could conceal a lurking terror...

Face Your Fears

Mannequin isn't about mindless violence. Here, suspense builds with every creaking door and unsettling sound. The true horror lies in what you don't see, in the hidden secrets just beyond the reach of your flickering flashlight.

A Legacy of Chills

Drawing inspiration from iconic horror titles, Mannequin captures the essence of psychological terror. Prepare to confront your deepest fears and unravel the chilling mystery that festers within these decaying walls.

Are You Brave Enough?

If you crave an experience that will leave you shaken and wanting more, then Mannequin is for you. Can you survive the horrors that lurk in the shadows? Download Mannequin today and discover a new dimension of dread.


  • WSAD – Movement.
  • E – Action.
  • Escape – Pause.
  • Mouse – Look around.


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