Thats not my Neighbor Spot the Difference

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Introducing That Not my Neighbor Spot the Difference

Embark on a delightful journey of observation and discovery with That Not My Neighbor Spot the Difference - a captivating spot-the-difference game that challenges players to sharpen their attention to detail. In this charming game, players find themselves in a friendly neighborhood setting, where they must carefully examine two seemingly identical scenes and identify the subtle differences between them. With its colorful graphics, engaging gameplay, and increasing levels of difficulty, "That's Not My Neighbor" promises hours of entertainment for players of all ages.


In That Not my Neighbor Spot the Difference, players are presented with two side-by-side images of a cozy neighborhood scene. While the scenes may appear identical at first glance, there are several subtle differences between them that players must identify. Using their keen observation skills, players must carefully study each detail of the images and tap on the areas where they spot a difference. Each correct identification earns points, while incorrect guesses result in deductions. With multiple levels of increasing complexity, "That's Not My Neighbor" offers a fun and challenging experience that will test players' powers of observation and concentration.


  1. Vibrant Neighborhood Setting: Explore a charming neighborhood filled with colorful houses, friendly neighbors, and delightful scenery.

  2. Multiple Levels: Progress through multiple levels of increasing difficulty, with each level presenting a new set of images and challenges to overcome.

  3. Hints System: Use hints to help identify differences when you're stuck, but use them wisely as they are limited.

  4. Time Challenge: Race against the clock to spot all the differences before time runs out, and earn bonus points for speed and accuracy.


  1. Spot the Differences: Carefully examine each pair of images and tap on the areas where you spot a difference.

  2. Earn Points: Earn points for each correct identification of a difference, but be careful - incorrect guesses result in deductions.

  3. Use Hints Wisely: Use hints to help you when you're stuck, but use them sparingly as they are limited.

  4. Race Against Time: Complete each level before time runs out to earn bonus points and unlock new challenges.


Thats not my Neighbor Spot the Difference offers a delightful and engaging spot-the-difference experience that will entertain players of all ages. With its colorful graphics, challenging gameplay, and vibrant neighborhood setting, this game provides hours of entertainment and fun. So gather your friends and family, sharpen your observation skills, and get ready to spot the differences in Thats not my Neighbor Spot the Difference.


Using mouse and keyboard


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