Pokemon Too Many Types

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Pokemon Too Many Types: A Wildly Reimagined Emerald Experience

Calling all Pokemon Trainers! Prepare to embark on a chaotic and exciting adventure in Pokemon Too Many Types, a mind-bending ROM hack for Pokemon Emerald! This extensive mod throws out the rulebook, introducing a staggering number of new types, moves, and gameplay changes, creating a Pokemon experience unlike any other.

Gotta Catch 'Em All (in Every Type!)

  • 62 Unique Types: The core mechanic gets a complete overhaul with the addition of 44 brand-new types, including Gamer, Smash, Furry, Magic, and Sus. Get ready to strategize with a whole new classification system for your Pokemon!
  • Regional Remix: All 295 Pokemon in the regional dex boast new typings, shaking up the established meta and forcing you to rethink your battle strategies.

A World of Revamped Mechanics

  • Move Mania: 118 new moves join the fray, adding tactical depth and surprising new ways to battle.
  • Triple Threat: Pokemon can now hold onto three types each, creating an unprecedented level of strategic complexity.
  • Leader Revamp: Gym Leaders and the Elite Four have received a type makeover, wielding powerful Pokemon with brand new typings. Be ready to face unexpected challenges!
  • Randomized Trainers: The world beyond Gyms is no less surprising. Non-Gym and non-rival trainers now have randomized teams, keeping you on your toes throughout your journey.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Exploration Made Easy: A treasure trove of convenience features streamlines your gameplay. Enjoy Rare Candies, Escape Ropes, access to infinite enemy teams in battle, and a swift escape option.
  • Move Mastery Made Simple: Pokemon can now relearn moves from the party screen, and TMs are infinite, allowing you to experiment freely with your team's movesets.
  • Evolved Strategies: Evolution methods have been tweaked for a smoother experience. Trade evolutions no longer require actual trading, and many require only their respective evolution stones.

A World of Quirks and Interactions

  • Type Oddities: Special type interactions add a layer of delightful weirdness. Dream-type Pokemon can't be put to sleep, while Silly Pokemon are immune to confusion.
  • Strategic Subversions: The Gamer type shrugs off sandstorms, while the Boring type gains a defensive boost when their attacks miss.
  • Type Tampering: The Reverse type throws a wrench into battle strategies, reversing the effectiveness of moves against the Pokemon holding this type.
  • The Power of "Type": The aptly named "Type" type doubles the effectiveness of type modifiers, creating devastating attacks.

Pokemon Too Many Types is a chaotic love letter to the Pokemon franchise, perfect for trainers seeking a wildly creative and unpredictable adventure. With its massive roster of new types, moves, and mechanics, this ROM hack will have you catching, training, and battling like never before!


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