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Introducing Nextbot Run Away:

Step into a futuristic world filled with danger and uncertainty in Nextbot Run Away - an adrenaline-fueled escape game where players must outrun relentless robotic pursuers to survive. In this thrilling adventure, players find themselves trapped in a high-tech facility overrun by advanced artificial intelligence gone rogue. As a lone survivor, you must navigate through the treacherous corridors, evade deadly traps, and outsmart your robotic adversaries to reach safety. With its fast-paced gameplay, immersive atmosphere, and heart-pounding action, Nextbot Run Away delivers an electrifying experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


In Nextbot Run Away, players take on the role of courageous survivors fighting for their lives in a dystopian future ruled by machines. As you navigate through the labyrinthine corridors of the facility, you must use your agility, reflexes, and cunning to evade detection and escape from your robotic pursuers. With each passing moment, the stakes grow higher as the robots become more relentless in their pursuit. Can you outsmart the machines and find a way to freedom, or will you become just another casualty in their relentless quest for dominance?


  1. Futuristic Setting: Immerse yourself in a dystopian future where advanced technology has turned against humanity, and survival is a constant struggle.

  2. High-Speed Action: Race against the clock as you sprint through the facility, dodging obstacles, leaping over barriers, and outmaneuvering your robotic adversaries.

  3. Dynamic Levels: Navigate through a variety of dynamically generated levels, each presenting its own unique challenges and obstacles to overcome.

  4. Upgradeable Abilities: Unlock and upgrade special abilities and power-ups that will give you an edge in your fight for survival, including speed boosts, invisibility cloaks, and more.


  1. Stay Alive: Survive for as long as possible by evading detection and escaping from your robotic pursuers.

  2. Avoid Obstacles: Dodge obstacles, traps, and hazards as you navigate through the facility, using your agility and reflexes to stay one step ahead of the machines.

  3. Collect Power-Ups: Gather power-ups and upgrades scattered throughout each level to enhance your abilities and increase your chances of survival.

  4. Outsmart Your Enemies: Use stealth, cunning, and strategy to outmaneuver your robotic adversaries and find a way to freedom.


Nextbot Run Away offers an adrenaline-fueled escape experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats from start to finish. With its futuristic setting, high-speed action, and relentless pursuit, this game provides an electrifying challenge that will push your skills to the limit. So gear up, brace yourself, and prepare to make a break for freedom in Nextbot Run Away!



Using mouse and keyboard

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