FNF Vs. Jason Voorhees: 13th Friday Night Funk

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Prepare for a spine-chilling experience in FNF Vs. Jason Voorhees: 13th Friday Night Funk Blood, where Friday the 13th takes a terrifying turn with the infamous Jason Voorhees. On this ominous date, the hockey mask-wearing psychopath unleashes chaos with a machete in hand. Boyfriend and Girlfriend, alongside a group of campers, find themselves during a weekend getaway. However, a forbidden territory becomes the stage for a deadly encounter as they unknowingly awaken the sleeping killer.

Gameplay Highlights:

  1. Haunted Rap Battles: Dive into four extraordinary rap battles with electric and saturated sounds that capture the intense and eerie atmosphere of the Friday the 13th theme. Challenge your rhythm-keeping skills as Boyfriend faces off against the relentless Jason Voorhees.

  2. Forbidden Territory: Explore the forbidden territory that awakens the sleeping killer, unleashing a relentless pursuit. Navigate the rap battles amidst the haunting surroundings as Jason Voorhees becomes a formidable opponent.

  3. Unimpressed Couple: Boyfriend and Girlfriend, seasoned to the most difficult challenges, stand undeterred in the face of the relentless Jason Voorhees. Engage in extraordinary rap battles to prove that the power of music can rival even the most fearsome psychopath.

  4. Distractions and Surprises: Stay focused on keeping the rhythm amidst electric and saturated sounds without being impressed by Jason Voorhees or any other distractions that may emerge. The challenge intensifies as you strive to outperform the iconic killer.

FNF Vs. Jason Voorhees: 13th Friday Night Funk Blood invites you to face the ultimate horror icon in a thrilling rap battle experience. With haunting sounds, forbidden territories, and the undeterred Boyfriend and Girlfriend, this mod offers a unique and chilling twist to the Friday Night Funkin' universe. Can you keep the rhythm and outsmart Jason Voorhees in this electrifying musical showdown on the 13th Friday night? Face the fear and find out!


Use mouse


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