FNF funkinPET vs kinitoPET

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Calling all Funkers and horror aficionados! Prepare to duel with the unsettling virtual assistant, Kinito, in a spooky rhythm battle for Friday Night Funkin'.

KinitoFUNK: A One-Shot Spooktacular

KinitoPET vs KinitoFUNK is a single-play mod inspired by the chilling indie horror game KinitoPET. This haunting addition to the FNF universe throws you into a funky face-off against the ever-smiling Kinito.

Funky Frights

Get ready for a unique twist on the usual FNF formula. The lighthearted atmosphere takes a backseat to a suspenseful vibe, perfectly capturing the essence of KinitoPET. It's a musical showdown that's both electrifying and eerie!

Dance with the Dark Side

KinitoFUNK throws down a custom song that blends infectious beats with unsettling sound effects, creating an unforgettable musical experience. Put your skills to the test against the unnerving Kinito, dodging their attacks and unleashing your funky fury.

Horror Fans, Funk Your Way Out!

If you crave a good scare and love the challenge of FNF, then KinitoFUNK is the perfect mod for you. This unique blend of music, horror, and rhythm gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat, both disenchanted and tapping your feet.

Are you ready to face Kinito in a rap battle for the ages? Download the KinitoPET vs KinitoFUNK mod for Friday Night Funkin' today and experience a chilling musical showdown that will leave you both entertained and spooked!


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