Five Nights At Enard

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What is Five Nights At Enard?

Five Nights At Enard plunges players into a nerve-wracking nightshift at Enard's Pizza Parlor, a seemingly innocent establishment hiding dark secrets. Inspired by the iconic Five Nights at Freddy's series, this game promises a heart-pounding experience filled with jump scares and suspense.


  1. Survive the Shift: Players must endure five nights of terror as they work the graveyard shift at Enard's Pizza Parlor, fending off animatronic horrors that come to life after hours.
  2. Monitor the Cameras: Keep a close eye on the security cameras scattered throughout the establishment to track the movements of the animatronics. Failure to monitor them closely could result in a deadly encounter.
  3. Manage Resources: Utilize limited power and resources wisely to keep the lights on and the security systems operational throughout the night.
  4. Stay Vigilant: Be prepared for sudden attacks and surprises from the animatronics lurking in the shadows. React quickly to survive each terrifying encounter.

How to Play:

  1. Monitor Cameras: Use the mouse or arrow keys to navigate through the security camera feeds and keep tabs on the animatronics' movements.
  2. Manage Resources: Balance power usage between the security cameras, lights, and doors to conserve energy and avoid being left defenseless.
  3. React Quickly: When an animatronic is spotted on the cameras or detected nearby, take immediate action to close doors and turn on lights to fend off the impending threat.
  4. Survive Each Night: Endure five increasingly intense nights of terror, utilizing strategy and quick reflexes to outwit the sinister animatronics and make it to dawn alive.

Embark on this pulse-pounding adventure, where survival depends on your ability to outsmart the animatronic horrors lurking in the shadows at Enard's Pizza Parlor. Do you have what it takes to survive Five Nights At Enard?


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