Dead Estate

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Survive the Nightmare in Dead Estate: A Thrilling Shooter-Adventure

Caught in the grips of terror, you find yourself stranded in the heart of a monster-filled mansion. In Dead Estate, a fusion of shooting and adventure, you must navigate through four floors of horror to escape with your life. As Jeff and Jules, the two playable characters, you'll face relentless terrors and harrowing obstacles in a bid for survival. Choose your character wisely – Jeff is tough but slow, armed with a handgun, while Jules is nimble but vulnerable, wielding a shotgun. With dangers lurking around every corner, only the quick-witted and the courageous will emerge unscathed.

Enter the Mansion of Madness

As Jeff and Jules, your night takes a turn for the worse as you seek refuge from a relentless monster attack. With nowhere else to turn, you find yourself inside a mysterious mansion, its dark corridors teeming with unspeakable horrors. Your only hope of survival lies in climbing the four floors of the mansion and escaping its sinister grasp.

Choose Your Path, Choose Your Destiny

With two unique characters to play as, each with their strengths and weaknesses, your choices will shape your fate in Dead Estate. Jeff may be tough and resilient, but his slow pace could prove to be a liability in the face of danger. On the other hand, Jules' speed and agility make her a formidable adversary, but her fragility leaves little room for error. Choose wisely, for the path to survival is fraught with peril.

Explore, Evade, and Eliminate

As you traverse the mansion's labyrinthine corridors, dangers, traps, and monsters lurk around every corner. Stay vigilant, stay agile, and stay alive as you navigate through each room, collecting items and weapons to aid in your escape. With 25 different weapons to discover and utilize, from pistols to shotguns to explosives, you'll need every advantage you can get to overcome the horrors that await.

Face the Ultimate Challenge

With each floor you ascend, the challenges grow ever more daunting, the enemies more relentless, and the stakes higher than ever before. Can you overcome the odds and escape the clutches of the mansion's malevolent inhabitants? Or will you succumb to the darkness that lurks within? The choice is yours, but remember – in Dead Estate, survival is anything but guaranteed.

Dead Estate offers a pulse-pounding blend of shooting and adventure, challenging players to survive the night in a mansion overrun by monsters. With its atmospheric setting, diverse cast of characters, and relentless gameplay, it's a thrill ride from start to finish. So gear up, lock and load, and prepare to face your fears head-on in Dead Estate – the ultimate test of survival in a world gone mad.


Use mouse


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