Burger & Frights

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Burger & Frights Overview:

Burger & Frights is a thrilling PS1-style horror game where players embark on a late-night quest for burgers through a dark, ominous forest. Inspired by classics like Rides with Strangers and John Carpenter's movies, it's a heart-pounding experience.


  1. Survive the Night: Navigate the forest to reach the fast food joint, dodging terrifying obstacles along the way.
  2. Stay Alert: Watch out for lurking dangers and surprises hiding in the shadows.
  3. Use Your Bike Wisely: Master bike controls to maneuver through the forest with speed and skill.

How to Play:

  1. Navigate: Use arrow keys or joystick to guide your character through the forest.
  2. Collect Clues: Gather items and clues to aid your journey.
  3. Avoid Threats: Dodge creepy creatures and entities to stay safe.
  4. Reach the Destination: Make it to the fast food joint before dawn.
  5. Survive: Stay alive against increasing dangers as the night progresses.

Embark on this thrilling adventure, braving the darkness for a taste of Burger & Frights!

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