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Badland - Navigate the Unknown in a Desolate World

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the mysterious and hazardous world of Badland, where the concept of a desolate environment takes on a thrilling interpretation. As a harmless creature in a bleak and dangerous landscape, you must rely on your flying and maneuvering abilities to navigate through uncertainties and dangers. The silhouette style of the game creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and somber tones, immersing players into a world where survival is the driving force. Despite the desolation, your small, agile, and adaptable creature is determined to face the unknown and triumph against the odds.

Badland plunges players into a 2D platforming flying game, guiding a creature through various tunnels fraught with environmental dangers. The silhouette style contributes to the feeling of uncertainty, creating a sense of the unknown at every turn. As the world attempts to bring you down, the game's premise revolves around the creature's strong urge to survive and the player's determination to help them succeed. Root for the little creature as it navigates through a world that may be desolate but is filled with the spirit of survival.

How to Play:

Navigate the creature through tunnels using the mouse or keyboard. Click the Left Mouse Button or press the Spacebar to flap the creature's wings, gaining height with each flap. Release the button to descend rapidly. The goal is to guide the creature safely to the end of each tunnel, reaching an escape tube.

Environmental dangers include the scrolling screen, falling rocks, and buzzsaws. The scrolling screen, if caught up, sends the creature back in the level. Physics elements like gravity and momentum affect the creature's movement. Collect glowing objects with various effects, such as changing size, multiplying, or altering interactions with the environment. These effects are essential for navigating different parts of the levels.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Stay Alert: Always look ahead to anticipate sudden changes in the level. The fast-paced nature of the game requires constant attention to the environment.

  2. Rhythmic Flapping: Maintain a rhythmic flapping pattern to keep a constant pace. Quick reactions are crucial for adapting to sudden challenges.

  3. Collect Glowing Objects: Gather glowing objects with different effects to navigate through levels effectively. Understanding their impacts is key to overcoming obstacles.


  1. Immersive Silhouette Style: The game's silhouette style creates a visually immersive experience, setting the tone for uncertainty and mystery.

  2. Dynamic Environmental Challenges: Face environmental challenges such as scrolling screens, falling rocks, and buzzsaws that keep the gameplay dynamic and intense.

  3. Adaptable Creature: Guide a small, agile, and adaptable creature through a desolate world, where survival instincts and determination drive the narrative.

  4. Glowing Object Effects: Encounter and collect glowing objects with various effects, adding a strategic element to the gameplay and aiding in navigation.

Badland offers an enthralling experience as players navigate a creature through a desolate and hazardous world. The game's silhouette style, dynamic challenges, and the determination of the creature create an immersive and intense atmosphere. Adapt to the unknown, root for the creature's survival, and triumph against the odds in the thrilling world of Badland.


Use mouse


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