Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

3.93K played

Slendrina X: The Dark Hospital is an impressive horror game in the Slendrina game series developed by DVloper. The game takes players into the surreal and scary world of a dark hospital, where feelings of dread and wind constantly flow from the screen.

In the process of exploring this hospital, the player will face full essay trials. From solving complex puzzles to finding important objects to progressing further in the game, every step requires concentration and grit. Faint lighting and mysterious moans add to the alkaline and tense atmosphere.

A special feature of "Slendrina Behind the Story is terrifying secrets, and players will have to do everything they can to discover them. Emotional tension and secret discovery make this game an experience you'll never forget.

If you are someone who loves challenging the horror world and wants to explore dark hidden mysteries, "Slendrina X: The Dark Hospital" is definitely the title game you cannot miss. Get ready for a full and scary adventure in this hospital, where anything can happen and secrets wait for the brave to discover.



Using Mouse


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