Medicine Horror

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Medicine Horror is a minimalist and surreal web-based game created using the Bitsy game engine. This unique game puts players in a strange situation where they must choose between two seemingly identical medicines to help an intruder with a headache. However, the choices made in the game lead to different outcomes, one being a "good ending" and the other an "alternative ending," but players don't know which is which initially.

The game takes an unexpected twist when choosing the "bad medicine" leads the player character into an insane and imaginary world created by the effects of the medicine, resembling a drug-induced hallucination. In this bizarre world, the player interacts with various characters and helps them with their tasks. Despite the surreal nature of this world, the player ultimately leaves with a real medicine.

The game's creator used the Bitsy game engine, known for its simplicity and minimalism, which limits gameplay to walking and talking, making it an intriguing platform for unique storytelling experiences.

Medicine Horror blends elements of horror, surrealism, and choice-based gameplay, offering players an unusual and thought-provoking experience. If you enjoy experimental and unconventional games that challenge your expectations, this might be an interesting game to try.



Using Mouse


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