Dear Edmund

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Dear Edmund: Experience challenging street management in a gloomy Victorian setting

Dear Edmund takes you to gloomy Victorian England, where a tyrannical force controls every corner. You will play as Edmund, a poor man living in a shabby house. Edmund's wife, Elsie, left because she could not stand the dangers of the city. She promises to return if the streets are safer, and it is Edmund who must bring about that change.

Become a street manager

In Dear Edmund, you will take on the responsibility of managing a Victorian street. Your mission is to solve the problems of the people and officials of the Empire of Absolute Control (DAC). You need to make difficult decisions, weighing personal interests, the safety of the people and the trust of the government.

Keep a balance between corruption and responsibility

Material temptations are always present. You can be corrupt to enrich yourself or use the money to improve the streets. However, greed will cause you to lose credibility with DAC, affecting your survival.

Manage finances wisely

Dear Edmund offers two separate funding streams. One is personal money to upgrade the house, buy wallpaper, furniture, windows... The second is a budget to improve the streets, including food, rat poison, coal...

Realistic environmental factors

The game simulates the day/night cycle and weather, providing a realistic experience. Like England, rain will often appear, affecting people's lives and forcing them to make appropriate decisions.

Highlights of Dear Edmund:

Unique management gameplay that combines puzzle and strategy elements.
The Victorian setting is dark and full of mystery.
Fascinating plot with difficult choices.
Diverse character system and personality.
Beautiful and impressive pixel art graphics.

Dear Edmund is a unique and challenging gaming experience for those who love management and mystery. Download the game today and start your journey to change this dark and dangerous street!


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