Who wants to be a Murderer

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Who Wants to be a Murderer: The Mystery Game That Causes Community Fever

Who Wants to be a Murderer is a board game that attracts the attention of the entertainment-loving community because of its unique combination of detective, mystery, and strategy elements. The game puts players in the role of talented detectives, working together to find the culprit in a thrilling murder case.

How to play in detail:


The game includes 1 chess board, 6 detective chess pieces, 1 killer chess piece, 6 character decks, 6 crime scene decks, 6 weapon decks, 6 clue decks, 1 secret deck, and 1 rule book.
Each player chooses a detective card and a character deck.
Shuffle the crime scene, weapon, and clue decks, then place them face down in the corresponding spaces on the board.
Place a random killer piece in a secret space on the board.


In turn, each player performs the following actions:
Move: Move your detective piece to another square on the chessboard.
Collect clues: If you reach a box with a clue, the player can draw a clue card from the corresponding deck.
Hypothesize: Players can hypothesize about the perpetrator, the scene, or the weapon.
Voting: After collecting enough clues, players can vote for the person they suspect is the perpetrator.

Game over:

The game ends when:

There is one player who comes up with an accurate hypothesis about the killer, the scene, and the weapon.
After 6 rounds, no one found the culprit.

How to calculate points:

The player who makes the correct hypothesis will receive points corresponding to the number of rounds remaining.
The player with the most points wins.

Highlights of Who wants to be a Murderer

Unique gameplay: Combines elements of detective, mystery, and strategy.
Thrilling plot: Each game is a new murder case with a different perpetrator, scene, and weapon.
Highly interactive: Players need to coordinate and argue with each other to find the culprit.
Stimulates logical thinking: Players need to reason and analyze clues to come up with the correct hypothesis.
Suitable for many audiences: The game can be played by 2 to 6 people, suitable for all ages.

Who Wants to be a Murderer is an attractive board game, that promises to bring you entertaining and challenging moments. Join your friends and family to solve the mystery and find the culprit in this unique game!


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