C-Virus Game: Outbreak

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C-Virus Game: Outbreak is an engaging online horror game that immerses players in a nightmarish scenario where 90% of the population has been infected with a deadly virus, turning them into bloodthirsty monsters. The game challenges players to navigate a deserted building while facing relentless adversaries and solving puzzles to escape.

Gameplay Features:

  1. Post-Apocalyptic Setting: C-Virus Game: Outbreak is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has caused chaos and turned most of the population into monstrous creatures. Players must navigate a deserted building, which serves as the backdrop for their harrowing adventure.

  2. Escape Objectives: The primary objective of the game is to escape from the building. However, the main exit is locked, and players must find three keys scattered throughout the building to unlock it. This requires thorough exploration and problem-solving.

  3. Survival and Combat: To survive in this hostile environment, players need to locate a weapon with ammunition. This is crucial for defending against the numerous adversaries lurking in the building. Combat skills and resource management play a significant role in gameplay.

  4. Puzzle Solving: In addition to finding keys and combating enemies, players may encounter puzzles and obstacles that must be overcome to progress. These challenges add depth to the gameplay and require critical thinking.

  5. Level Progression: C-Virus Game: Outbreak may consist of multiple levels, each offering unique challenges and increasing difficulty. Players must complete one level to advance to the next, making it a progressively more challenging experience.


The main objective in C-Virus Game: Outbreak is to successfully escape the deserted building by finding and using the three keys to unlock the main exit. Along the way, players must survive encounters with infected adversaries, locate weapons and ammunition, and solve puzzles to progress through the game's levels.

C-Virus Game: Outbreak promises an immersive and adrenaline-pumping horror gaming experience. It challenges players to confront their fears, make strategic decisions, and solve puzzles while facing relentless adversaries in a post-apocalyptic world. If you're a fan of horror games that combine survival, exploration, and puzzle-solving, this game is worth trying. Can you escape the building and survive the outbreak of the C-Virus? Dive in and find out!



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