Alice is Dead

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Alice is Dead is a popular point-and-click adventure game series developed by Mike Morin (also known as ImpendingRiot). The game series takes place in a dark and mysterious interpretation of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Here's an overview of the game:


In "Alice is Dead," players find themselves in a surreal and sinister version of Wonderland where the titular character, Alice, is dead. The game begins with the player character waking up in a locked cell with no memory of who they are or how they got there. The objective is to unravel the mystery of Alice's death, navigate through a twisted Wonderland, and discover the truth behind the disturbing events that have transpired.


The game primarily consists of point-and-click mechanics, where players explore various environments, interact with objects and characters, and solve puzzles to progress the story. The puzzles and challenges often require players to use their wits and observation skills to advance.

Storyline: The narrative of "Alice is Dead" is dark, mysterious, and full of unexpected twists. Players must gather clues, piece together the fragmented memories of the protagonist, and uncover the truth about Alice's death. The game's storytelling is immersive, drawing players deeper into the eerie world of Wonderland.

Art Style: The game is known for its distinctive and atmospheric art style, which features dark and gritty visuals, often in stark contrast to the whimsical world of the original Alice in Wonderland.

Reception: "Alice is Dead" has garnered a dedicated fan base for its compelling story, unique take on the classic Wonderland tale, and engaging puzzles. The series has multiple episodes, each building on the overarching narrative and adding depth to the storyline.

In summary, "Alice is Dead" is a captivating point-and-click adventure game series that offers players a dark and immersive journey through a reimagined Wonderland, complete with a mysterious narrative, challenging puzzles, and a unique art style.



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