Three Nights at Fred

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Three Nights at Fred is a suspenseful and challenging game where your goal is to survive three terrifying nights as the security guard of a haunted pizzeria. This game falls within the FNAF Games category and offers a unique twist on the Five Nights at Freddy's genre.

Gameplay details of Three Nights at Fred:

  1. Haunted Pizzeria: You find yourself as the security guard in a haunted pizzeria, and your objective is to make it through three consecutive nights.

  2. Enemy Selection: The game allows you to choose your adversary from a selection of animatronic toys. You can opt to face Fred, Foxy, or both Fred and Foxy, depending on your preferred level of difficulty and thrill.

  3. Control Scheme: The controls are relatively straightforward. You use WASD for movement, Shift to run, L to lock the cursor, F to interact with tools and open doors, and C to crouch. Pressing L opens your view, and you can use the mouse to pick up glasses and put them on.

  4. Tools and Objectives: In addition to the glasses, you'll come across various tools like a wrench for managing power lines and a key for opening doors. You can use these tools by pressing the L key. Your objective is to find hidden notes within the pizzeria and collect them all to advance through the levels.

  5. Survival Challenge: As you progress through the game, you must be cautious and avoid getting caught by the evil animatronics that are relentlessly pursuing you with the intention of causing your demise.

With its three nights of suspense and eerie gameplay, Three Nights at Fred offers a thrilling experience for players who enjoy a mix of strategy, quick thinking, and survival skills. Choose your level of difficulty, select your animatronic foes, and embark on a journey of terror and adrenaline as you attempt to make it through the haunted pizzeria. Keep your wits about you and may luck be on your side as you confront the dangers that lurk within. Good luck, and may you emerge victorious from this chilling ordeal!


Using Mouse


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