Five Nights at Candy’s

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Five Nights at Candy's is a popular series of fan-made horror games created by Emil "Emilmacko" Ace Macko. These games are inspired by the "Five Nights at Freddy's" (FNAF) franchise and feature similar gameplay mechanics, involving animatronic characters and a night-shift security guard who must survive a series of increasingly challenging nights. Here's an overview of the main games in the "Five Nights at Candy's" series:

  1. Five Nights at Candy's (FNaC): This is the first game in the series and introduces players to the creepy atmosphere of Candy's Burger and Fries. Players take on the role of Mary Schmidt, a night guard, and must survive five nights while avoiding the animatronic characters, including Candy the Cat and his friends.

  2. Five Nights at Candy's 2 (FNaC 2): The second installment in the series expands on the story and introduces new animatronics and challenges. Players now take on the role of a night guard named Jeremy Fitzgerald and face off against more aggressive animatronics, including the Rat and the Cat.

  3. Five Nights at Candy's 3 (FNaC 3): As mentioned earlier, "Five Nights at Candy's 3" is a prequel to the previous games, set in 1962. Players assume the role of Mary Schmidt's daughter, and the game delves into the backstory of the animatronics, providing a different gameplay experience with a unique narrative focus.

  4. Five Nights at Candy's 4 (FNaC 4): "Five Nights at Candy's 4" is the fourth game in the series and introduces new characters, mechanics, and scares. It continues to build on the lore established in the previous games.

The "Five Nights at Candy's" series is well-received by fans of the horror genre and the FNAF franchise. It offers its own take on animatronic horror, featuring a range of terrifying characters and suspenseful gameplay. If you enjoy horror games and the FNAF concept, these fan-made games provide a fresh and spooky experience to explore.



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