Backrooms Slender Horror

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"Backrooms Slender Horror" is a casual horror escape and hide-and-seek game where players must navigate a house, find necessary items, and outsmart a scary monster (Slender Man) to escape. The objective is to collect items and escape from the house while avoiding the lurking threat.


  • WASD: Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move your character in different directions.
  • E: Press the E key to pick up objects and open doors.
  • F: Press the F key to drop objects or unhide from under a bed.
  • C: Press the C key to make your character sit or stand.
  • Pause (Escape): Press the Escape key to pause the game or access the game's menu.


  1. Exploration: Begin by exploring the house. Move your character using the WASD keys. Look for items that could help you escape.

  2. Item Collection: As you explore, interact with objects by pressing the E key. This will allow you to pick up items and open doors. Collecting items is essential for your escape.

  3. Escape: The main goal is to escape the house. To do this, you'll likely need to find a specific set of items or solve puzzles. Use the items you collect to progress and unlock new areas.

  4. Avoid Slender Man: The primary antagonist, Slender Man, is the scary monster you need to outsmart. Hide from Slender Man to avoid being caught. You might need to use your environment strategically to stay out of its sight.

  5. Hiding Mechanic: To hide from Slender Man, you can use the hiding spots provided in the game. For example, you can hide under a bed. Press the C key to sit or stand, which likely corresponds to hiding and un-hiding.

  6. Quick Escape: The game emphasizes escaping from the house as quickly as possible. This means you'll need to manage your time and make efficient decisions while exploring and collecting items.

  7. Atmosphere and Tension: The game's horror elements come from the creepy atmosphere and the threat posed by Slender Man. Pay attention to the game's audio cues and visual indicators to anticipate danger.




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