Among US Horror 3D

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In Among Us Horror, players are immersed in a horror-inspired environment reminiscent of the setting found in "Among Us." The primary objective is to navigate through challenges and puzzles to reach the final door. This game introduces a horror element, with potential encounters with enemies or threats that players must navigate skillfully to advance.


The game presents a series of puzzles that players must unravel as they progress toward the final exit. These puzzles necessitate logical thinking, thorough exploration, and interactions with the environment's objects to unlock paths and unveil concealed hints.

Hide or Die Mechanic:

"Among Us Horror" incorporates a "hide or die" mechanic, requiring players to effectively conceal themselves from menacing adversaries or dangerous entities that roam the game world. Failure to evade these threats could have grave consequences for the player's progress.


The game's control scheme typically involves the following commands:

  • WASD or Arrows: These keys govern the player's movement, enabling them to navigate around the in-game environment.
  • E: The 'E' key allows players to interact with objects or seek refuge in specific hiding spots.
  • G: Use the 'G' key to drop items.
  • Q: Pressing 'Q' unhides the player (if previously hidden).
  • C: The 'C' key activates crouching, which might grant access to particular areas or facilitate hiding in tight spaces.
  • Esc: By pressing the 'Esc' key, players can pause the game or access the in-game menu.

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