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Five Nights at Freddy's 6, also known as FNAF 6, takes a departure from the series' traditional gameplay, offering players an intriguing blend of management simulation and horror elements. In this installment, players are tasked with running their own restaurant, creating an immersive experience that involves assembling animatronics, serving customers, and making critical decisions to keep both the business and themselves safe.

Gameplay Overview

The game commences with an 8-bit minigame, placing players in control of Freddy Fazbear. The objective is to gather pizzas and toss them to customers. However, as the game progresses, a glitch disrupts the minigame, leading to a transition to the next screen.

After the glitch sequence, players find themselves at a desk equipped with a cassette recorder and a piece of paper. A broken version of Circus Baby animatronic is in view. A man's voice on the cassette tape guides the player through a test run, using peculiar sounds and audio cues.

Once the tape concludes, the broken animatronic turns to face the player. Subsequently, the player advances to the screen displaying the game's title.

The central goal of FNAF 6 involves creating and managing a successful pizzeria. Players select items from a catalog to enhance the establishment's atmosphere, safety, entertainment, and revenue. A tutorial emphasizes the importance of avoiding items that could lead to legal complications.

Progressing further, players enter a dimly lit office, featuring a computer at the center and vents on either side. Tasks on the computer must be completed while managing potential animatronic threats. If the animatronics approach, players can disable the computer and fan to reduce noise, but this raises the room temperature. Overheating (reaching 120°F) causes the player to lose consciousness. Reactivating the computer and fan attracts animatronics but lowers the temperature.

Optional sponsorship agreements introduce noisy ads. When animatronics enter vents, players use a flashlight or sounds to repel them. Completing tasks requires logging off the computer for the night.

Inter-Night Decisions

Between nights, players encounter abandoned animatronics in alleys. A decision must be made whether to salvage or discard them. Saving an animatronic increases revenue, while discarding avoids animatronic activity. Salvaging mandates maintaining a safe distance, and using a taser sparingly to stabilize them. Multiple taser uses reduce salvage value. The player can potentially encounter new versions of Baby, a repaired Funtime Freddy, a self-fixed Springtrap, and an enigmatic black bear.


Five Nights at Freddy's 6 offers an innovative gameplay experience, combining management simulation with the series' signature horror elements. Balancing resource management, customer service, and animatronic defense adds depth to the game. The decision-making process between nights creates an engaging dynamic, adding to the complexity of the player's role. Embark on this unique journey of running a haunted pizzeria, and may your managerial and survival instincts guide you through the mysteries that lurk within the animatronic-filled establishment. Best of luck, and enjoy the experience!


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