Kitty Kart 64

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Kitty Kart 64: Frightening racing in the N64 world

Kitty Kart 64 is a unique horror game inspired by Mario Kart, taking you to haunted racing tracks full of danger and creepy mysteries. The game is designed in a nostalgic Nintendo 64 style, promising to bring both a familiar and new experience to players.

Graphics and sound:

Kitty Kart 64 possesses simple but colorful 3D polygon graphics, reminiscent of classic N64 games. The sound in the game is also carefully cared for, with kart engine sounds, collision sounds, and fun background music mixed with scary sounds, creating an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and scary.

How to play:

Kitty Kart 64 has gameplay similar to Mario Kart, where players control karts and race to the finish line. However, instead of cheerful racing tracks, Kitty Kart 64 takes you to haunted locations, full of dangers and mysteries.

The game has 3 main game modes:

Quick Race Mode: Race against AI opponents on a randomized track.
Tournament Mode: Participate in a multi-round tournament to win.
Anti-Ghost Mode: Race against ghosts in a dangerous racetrack.

In addition, Kitty Kart 64 also has several other features such as:

Upgrade kart: Use bonuses to upgrade your kart's speed, handling, and power.
Unlock Characters: Unlock new characters with different abilities.
Multiplayer mode: Race online with friends or other players.

Kitty Kart 64 is a unique game for those who love nostalgia and new horror experiences. The game promises to bring you exciting and memorable moments of entertainment.


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