Friday Night at Treasure Island

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Friday Night at Treasure Island is a fan-made mod of "Friday Night Funkin'" (FNF) that takes place in an abandoned Disney resort called Treasure Island. This mod combines elements from the FNF universe with the setting and characters inspired by the abandoned "Treasure Island" project. 

Key Features:

New Setting: The game is set in the eerie and mysterious Treasure Island resort, which adds a unique atmosphere to the gameplay.

Boyfriend's New Job: In this mod, Boyfriend takes on a new job within Treasure Island, likely leading to various challenges and encounters.

Abandoned Disney Resort: Treasure Island is inspired by the real-life Disney project "Treasure Island Resort," which was abandoned and never completed. The mod may draw inspiration from the urban legends and stories surrounding this abandoned project.

Gameplay: Like the core FNF gameplay, players must engage in rap battles by hitting the correct arrow keys in sync with the music. The mod may introduce new songs and characters specific to the Treasure Island theme.

Online Play: The mod's description mentions the possibility of playing it online, allowing players to experience the game remotely with others.

Fan-made mods like "Friday Night at Treasure Island" offer a creative and often spooky twist on the FNF formula by incorporating new settings, characters, and stories. They cater to fans of both the original game and the specific themes they explore, making them a popular part of the FNF modding community.



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