FNF Stuck Inside, but Playable

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FNF Stuck Inside, but Playable: A FNAF Rap Battle Takes Center Stage!

Calling all Friday Night Funkin' fans and Five Nights at Freddy's aficionados! This exciting new mod throws you into a unique rap battle right out of the Fazbear pizzeria.

Step into Freddy's Shoes (Literally)

FNF Stuck Inside, but Playable lets you take control of the one and only Freddy Fazbear! Get ready to drop some sick rhymes against Boyfriend in a musical showdown inspired by the iconic FNAF song "Stuck Inside" by Black Gryph0n & The Living Tombstone.

A Feast for FNF Fans

This mod brings the catchy "Stuck Inside" lyrics to the FNF stage, offering a familiar yet fresh challenge for seasoned players. Test your skills as you battle it out with Boyfriend, dodging his attacks and unleashing your own Freddy Fazbear fury.

A Must-Play for FNAF Enthusiasts

If you love the lore and characters of Five Nights at Freddy's, this mod is a must-play. Witness Freddy comes alive in a whole new way as he throws down on the musical battlefield.

Play Today and Get Groovin'!

Whether you're a die-hard FNF fan or an FNAF fanatic, FNF Stuck Inside, but Playable offers a unique and entertaining experience. So, download it today and get ready to rap your way out of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria... or at least try to!


Using mouse


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