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Stacktris: A Tetris-Inspired Arcade Game That Will Put Your Balancing Skills to the Test

Stacktris is an arcade game that combines the satisfying Tetris experience with challenging tower stacking games. The goal of the game is to stack tetrominoes as high as you can without knocking them down. You can control the tetrominoes by clicking and dragging them with your mouse. You can also use the keyboard to move them horizontally.

The game starts with a single tetromino at the bottom of the screen. You must drag and drop the tetrominoe onto the stack of blocks. You can rotate the tetrominoe by clicking and holding the left mouse button and then moving the mouse up or down. You can also rotate the tetrominoe by pressing the up or down arrow keys.

Once you have placed the tetrominoe, it will become part of the stack. If you stack the tetrominoes too high, they will fall over and the game will be over. You can score points by stacking tetrominoes without knocking them down. The higher you stack the tetrominoes, the more points you will score.

The game gets more difficult as you progress. The tetrominoes will start to fall faster and the stacks will become more unstable. You will need to use your skills and reflexes to keep the stack from falling over.

Tips for playing Stacktris:

Try to stack the tetrominoes so that they are flush with each other. This will create a more stable stack.

Use the rotation feature to your advantage. You can rotate the tetrominoes to fit into small gaps.

Don't be afraid to knock down the stack if it is getting too unstable. It is better to start over than to let the entire stack fall down.

Stacktris is a fun and challenging game that will test your skills and reflexes. If you are a fan of Tetris or tower stacking games, then you should definitely check out Stacktris.

Features of Stacktris:

A variety of different tetrominoes to stack
A high-score leaderboard
A variety of different game modes
Power-ups to help you score more points.

I hope you enjoy playing Stacktris!


Use mouse


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